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We provides end to end customized solutions including design, manufacture, erection and commissioning of industrial furnaces, oven, kilns and various special equipment. Furnaces custom designs each system to meet a wide variety of applications and processes, including continuous systems and batch systems. We posses depth of experience to custom engineer heat treating equipment for the most demanding application. We pride ourselves in providing innovative, state-of-the-art equipment that helps our customers improve their bottom line and gain a competitive edge. ?We are continuously improving and optimizing our technology, building progressive heat treating equipment through systematic innovation and partnerships
We offer
Thermal processing solutions for Aluminum Castings, High Pressure Die Castings (HPDC) and forged components. Our heat treatment system designs for aluminum HPDC are developed to maintain a product’s dimensional stability while improving mechanical properties.
REPLICA IWC PILOT'S Progressive heating and heat treatment solutions for forging industry, our highly innovative furnace systems for heating, reheating and heat treatment provide the latest advances in energy saving technology, material handling and automation, incorporating new technology to replace conventional designs.
 Batch and continuous heat treatment systems offer a wide range of thermal processing options for the ferrous cast producer. We custom design each furnace system and can offer a tailored solution that meets production, footprint and metallurgical specifications. From Car Bottom heat treat furnaces, thermal decoring furnaces to Continous Core drying oven(Mesh belt and Trolley type).
supply many commercial heat treatment service providers with progressive, efficient and reliable industrial furnace systems.
Heat Treatment Furnaces which are workhorses for heat treating a wide variety of materials and applications. Whether annealing, bright annealing, normalizing, reheating , stress relieving or quench and tempering, furnace Systems deliver consistent quality and reliable performance. Tag Heuer Replica Watches
Few of Our Projects
  Car Bottom Furnace / Bogie Hearth Furnace
  Drop Bottom Heat Treatment Furnace
  Pit type Heat Treatment Furnace
  Box Furnace (Hardening Furnace with Automatic Quench & Tempering Furnace)
  Forging Furnace (Dual chamber & Single Chamber)
  Batch Oven
  Washing Machines (for pre-wash before hardening and post-wash after quenching)
  Quench Tank
  Steam Oxidation Furnace
  Shaker Hearth Furnace
  Continous Furnace (Flash Annealing, Annealing, PTFE – paint curing, etc…)
  Bell Furnace
  Rotary Hearth Furnace
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